Red Jasper Sphere (medium)

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Red Jasper is an ancient and sacred stone that has held meaning throughout dozens of cultures since the beginning of human existence.

This is due to the combination of its relative popularity (meaning that it exists in a wide variety of locations and was readily available to the people in them), and it’s bold colouration.

It is technically a form of quartz , and there is virtually nowhere on Earth in which you could not find at least some jasper!

The best visited deposits in the modern day include those in India, Russia, Egypt, and the southwestern United States.

While quartz is known for its purifying and energy-enhancing properties, red jasper has a powerful, fiery energy all its own.

There have been thousands of purported uses of red jasper, throughout history and across the globe.

Among others things, it has been said to stimulate energy, protect from misfortune (especially misfortune of a supernatural sort), and represent vigorous faith to a cause or religion.

Its popularity spread from Ancient Greece and Rome to Christian Europe over the Middle Ages, where it became a popular religious stone.

First and foremost, it is a protective stone. The colour red is associated with luck in the east and vitality in the west – no matter who you ask, it’s a good colour to have around when you’re about to do something dangerous.

Amulets of various sorts made out of red jasper have been used for a wide variety of protective purposes, including preventing drowning, drunkenness, deception, and even demonic possession.

Red jasper is known to be sacred to the Welsh goddess Cerridwen, the goddess of inspiration and knowledge.