Blood Stone Carved Skull

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Bloodstone, also known as heliotrope, is a yuletide jasper, where the dark green colour of the stone is flecked or cut through with red. This gives the appearance of blood on a green surface, which is where it received its morbid name!

The red spots on the bloodstone are caused by haematite, the form of iron oxide that causes rust to turn bright red, or the stone in places like Prince Edward Island, Georgia, or even Mars to be coloured red.

Bloodstone is found primarily in India, although there are also sources of it in Central Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and, interestingly, the Isle of Rum in Scotland.

Bloodstone is one of the most useful stones that you can use when you are having emotional struggles.

While many other stones are highly beneficial when your life is okay but not great, bloodstone is one of the ones that can really pack a punch when life just seems terrible.

If you feel as if you’re constantly being kicked when you’re down, bloodstone can help you pick yourself back up and carry on in a positive and constructive manner