Citrine cluster natural

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The name citrine comes from the Greek word ‘citron’, also because the crystal has a similar color to the citrus fruit.

Citrine crystals resemble a topaz, and the color of citrine is caused by chemical impurities. It’s the iron in citrine that gives it its pale-yellow color.

Citrine has been popular for thousands of years and used to be revered for its rarity, though that has changed with time. The ancient Romans used it for beautiful jewelry and intaglio  work. It was also very popular for jewelry in the 19th century. During the Art Deco period between World Wars I and II, large citrines were set in many prized pieces, including the massive and elaborate Art Deco inspired jewelry pieces made for big Hollywood stars such as Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford.

Citrine inspires confidence, clear mindedness, and lots of energy with which to pursue your goals.

While there is certainly an earthy quality to this wonderful stone, it also seems to connect you to the wider universe in some profoundly penetrating ways – like an espresso shot to the psychic aura!

Citrine makes a great meditation aid for those of you looking to add some vividness and some vibrant, striking energy to this otherwise relaxing process.

Citrine carries the powers of the sun.

Therefore, if you want to feel sunny and cheery again, you should never leave without your citrine crystals with you.

The healing energy of the sun, as well as the more scientific aspects of exposure to it, like Vitamin D, are all qualities of rejuvenation also found in citrine.

Many of us can’t help but feel a little down in the dumps if we don’t get out into the sun often enough, yet citrine can work wonders in keeping your spirits lifted and your mood high.