Mercury Retrograde Healing box

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We are heading into a Mercury retrograde, and it can often make us feel a little anxious. So have decided to try out putting together a retrograde healing box!! To help one through that crazy energy, to keep you grounded, calm and focused. These beauties have been hand selected, and are especially helpful during a retrograde.

Fluorite- a Crystal for peace and harmony, improving concentration, organises your thoughts, releases stress and anxiety. It absorbs up and neutralizes negative energy to bring balance.

Amazonite - helps to speak with clarity and grace, enhances clear communications. Which is very beneficial during retrograde when often communications can be confusing, chaotic and misunderstandings.

Black Tourmaline - assists over coming fear, anxiety and chaotic energy. It works with the root chakra, grounding you into the energy of the Earth. Black tourmaline also offers strong protective energies during this retrograde period of chaos and turmoil, helping you to feel safe, supported and secure.

Hematite - is a grounding crystal. When you hold it in your hands or wear it on your body, its energy draws you downwards, making you one with the Earth. It constantly draws away any excess, unwanted negative energy from your body and into itself to clear your energy field.

Aquamarine - Getting through the trials and tribulations of Mercury retrograde takes some inner strength and self awareness, and Aquamarine is a great crystal to arm yourself with if you need to have difficult conversations, or situations that may drain your energy.

Jade - the stone of wisdom, Jade helps you to communicate, whether it be by voice or through the written words, with wisdom, thus helping avoid potential retrograde pitfalls.

These beautiful retrograde healing crystals, are all safely secured in a stunning mandala embossed metal box, a FREE gift to the lucky future owner, to home these special earth jewels.

Excited to say we have more custom healing boxes/bags on the way!!
But this retrograde kit is now available in the online store at Worth well over $200.....
But generously priced at only $175!!!!